Tall Vases Make Your Decorations Standout

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Tall vases are wonderful for making a dramatic statement.What statement would you like to make? Have a hobby you would like to show off? Enjoy holidays and changing seasons? Maybe you like themed decorations that fit in with each room individually. Get ready to let your imagination and creativity take off.

Ever wonder what to do with a large collection of small objects? Try a three or four feet tall clear glass vase. Fill it with your matchbooks from all over the world. Stand the vase on the floor to add some interest to a boring corner. Collections of shells and sea glass go great in tall clear vases, too, especially if you happen to live near the beach or choose an ocean theme for decorating your home. Rock collections can find a good home in tall clear vases as well. Gift wrapping paper and ribbons seem too pretty to throw away, but how many times can you actually use them? Collect all your pretty bows and shiny paper and arrange them casually into your vase. As they get old remove them and replace them with wrapping from the latest birthday or holiday. Pine cones are a fun thing to fill a tall clear vase in the mountains or as a decoration for the holidays.

Permanent botanicals are a good idea for tall vases because they do not require water. Water would make a tall vase too heavy to lift and it would be difficult to empty when the flowers died. Standing water, especially with real stems and leaves, can get unpleasant, so take a trip to the nearest retailer where faux flowers are sold.
tall vases
In spring use light, bright colors such as pink and lavender. Find fruit tree branches with spring flowers that will fit your spring theme as well as being long enough to stand in a tall vase.Summer warmth naturally fits well with tropical themes.Tropical arrangements lend themselves well to tall vases because flowers such as ginger, heliconia, and bird of paradise have long stems. Use palm fronds or ferns leaves to make your warm colored flowers “pop” against the green. Bamboo also comes in tall sizes and will give your arrangement a great tropical look. In the fall stand birch branches up in your tall vase and glue on faux leaves in bright fall colors. Stand inside your front door for Thanksgiving guests to admire. Long curly willow branches can also be used for big, bold arrangements, and make another good holder for fall leaves. Pampas grass with its feathery white seeds and long, straight stems is another plant that looks great in a tall vase in autumn.In winter fill your tall clear vase with tree ornaments. Use simple orbs for a modern look, or use more elaborate decorations for a more traditional look. Decide upon a theme such as sweets and fill with faux treats such as gingerbread men, red and white candies, or cookies.

To decorate a bathroom intersperse transparent plastic orbs that shine like soap bubbles with colorful guest soaps throughout your tall clear vase. Match the soap colors to your towels to tie the look together. For your sewing room gather all those fabric remnants you’re never going to use but that are too pretty to throw away. They’ll make a lovely display filling your tall glass vase. Add some bobbins and some old wooden thread spools to support the theme.

Tall ceramic vases come in all colors and textures. Fill them with tall branches such as grapevine and tie with raffia for a natural look. Find milkweed vines growing over fences. When they die carefully unwind them, taking care not to break them. Their interesting shapes go well with the earthy look of clay vases. If your ceramic vase is glazed in a bright color, make a grid of tape across the top. Cover your tape with permanent botanical ferns and place colorful flowers throughout the grid. The general rule of thumb for making vase arrangements is to have the flowers stand above the vase about twice as high as the vase, but with tall vases this can be difficult to make and to find a place for it, unless you happen to have high ceilings . Instead, try placing the same amount of foliage and flowers out onto each side of your vase. The weight will be the same, but you will have an arrangement that does not take a stepladder to make and that will not bump into your chandelier. For a simple modern look use the same color flowers as the vase. This is known as a monochromatic design. For a more traditional look use a contrasting color or several contrasting colors that harmonize with each other and your vase.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do with a work of art or craft is simply to leave it alone. Many craftsmen design their tall vases to stand as beautiful structures in their own right. But you wanted to craft your own unique design. No problem. Many community colleges, studios, and art schools offer classes in glass blowing and pottery. Learn to make your own tall vase. First take enough instruction so that you are confident enough with your new skills. Then decide where you want your new tall vase to stand. That will help to determine the size, shape, and color for your new decoration. Hold up a tape measure in the spot where your tall vase will stand. What shape goes with your interior decorating scheme? Is your furniture basically square-shaped? Perhaps some curves would add more interest. What color will match the furniture or contrast with the wall color to make your creation stand out? Are your walls painted in warm colors? Perhaps turquoise or green would make your tall vase stand out. Plan what you will make by drawing sketches of your design. When you have chosen your favorite sketch, go to it. You’ll have a work of art like no other on the planet.