What to Put in Apothecary Jars as Wedding Favors

Vintage Wedding Apothecary JarsApothecary jars should get all the hoot and the whoop as a unique wedding favor – they’re pretty to look at, they’re functional, and practical – you can reuse them, and they’re definitely easy to fall in love with. What’s not to love about these cute apothecary jars? Depending on how you dress them up, or what you put inside them – the apothecary jars can be great wedding favors for just any kind of wedding. From rustic to formal, to classic to laid back.

Personalized Wedding Apothecary JarsIf you want to make a unique lasting impression on your guests or if you want to personalize your wedding favor that you can call them your own, get those jars and have fun filling them up. There are a lot of apothecary jars to choose from. Think about what you want to put inside and choose the appropriate kind of apothecary jar. Some have hinged lids with a silver metal air tight locking gasket – this is perfect for edible items. Some are just the regular glass candy jars with covers – they’re perfect for ornamental stuff. And other have small water spout – just right as beverage jars. So what do you put inside them? The possibilities are endless.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

What comes to mind when you see clear jars? Colorful candies and almonds and chocolate nibbles, of course. You can put pastel-colored almond wishes inside them too.

Personalized M&M's in Apothecary Jars

  • Customize M&M’s with your names – you can pick out your own color. Throw in some silver Hershey kisses. Or get the pastel-colored ones that come out during spring or the red and green ones that come out during Christmas season or the orange colored ones during autumn.
  • Try throwing in some spice – like rosemary, cumin and thyme. Perfect visual or the spice of life that comes along with marriage.

Family Special Recipe Apothecary Jars

  • You can put your homemade jams and jellies in there too. Speaking of homemade, fill them with your favorite family recipe bite-size brownie bars.
  • Or for a healthy twist, put in some organic tea leaves. Slip instructions on how to make a relaxing cup of tea. Tie a colorful bow around the jar and put small ribbon roses through the ribbons for a perfect finish.

Nuts (and Pops) About You

Nuts Container Wedding FavorFor rustic weddings, toasted nuts are fun fillings for those cute apothecary jars. Walnuts, pistachios, cashew nuts, peanuts. Mix them up for more flavor, more texture and more fun. For bigger jars, you can put in some flavored popcorns – add some dashes of color by putting in the colored popcorn.

Flower Power

Potpourri JarFresh flowers or dried potpourri flowers are perfect fill-ins for those apothecary jars. And it can also serve as a DIY floral table centerpiece that can be also double as a wedding favor.

The Forest, the Desert and the Sea

The Shore Apothecary Jars

Create your own mini forest or seashore by converting the jar into a terrarium. Put some cacti of all shapes and sizes. Pour some sand and arrange shells and small drift woods to create a mini shore.

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