Eiffel tower vases can be used for a variety of decorative purposes

eiffel-tower-and-orchidsJudging by the name one might imagine an eiffel tower vase as a model of the famous Parisian tower, but the resemblance is actually rather vague. Actually the vases are made of glass and have a tall thin appearance, with four corners at the base to keep them steady, reminding many of the famous landmark..

Eiffel tower vases can be used for a variety of decorative purposes. The long stem can be filled with items to make it an elegant decoration in itself. Fill with California crystals and an LED light source for a romantic lwer vases themselves come in different sizes, so you can make a grouping with taller vases in the back and shorter ones in the front if your arrangement is against a wall. If your arrangement is at the center of a table, place the tallest vase at the center and arrange the shorter ones all around it. ook. Die your crystals with food coloring or leave them clear. Acrylic “crystals” also make a beautiful filler. Powdered rainbow floral foam is also lovely. Use sand in a variety of colors for a rainbow effect. First pour in purple sand, followed by a layer of red, then orange, yellow, green, blue and purple again for a spectral effect. Some florists like to layer various media into the stems of Eiffel tower vases to give their arrangements a variety of textures and colors.

Holidays are good times for filling stems of Eiffel tower vases with various colors. One florist used blue acrylics, white California crystals, and blue powdered rainbow foam for Hannukah. The same could be made for Christmas with red and green acrylics floral foam, or California crystals. For Thanksgiving use fall-colored sand for a less glittery look. For Valentine’s Day alternate pink, red, and white. Pink is also traditional for Mothers’ Day.

An Eiffel tower vase filled with decorative materials can be used alone for a simple modern look, or in combination with other vases. If your grouping is going to have a front and a back, such as an arrangement of vases on a buffet table, place the tallest vase at the back and shorter vases in front . If your arrangement is going to be seen from all sides, place the tallest vase at center and arrange the shorter ones all around it.

Eiffel Tower Vases3

Either fresh flowers or permanent botanicals can be arranged to make a dramatic arrangement in your Eiffel tower vase. If you have filled your vase with some of the suggested decorative media above and want flowers as well, you will need a shallow bowl with a wide flat bottom. Drop floral foam into a bath of water and allow it to absorb water until it is all dark green and floating slightly below the surface. Do not push it down, but let it sink naturally. Place floral foam into your bowl and secure it with bowl tape, available where floral supplies are sold. Cover your foam with greenery such as leather leaf, allowing leaves to hang over the sides, hiding your bowl completely.Next place some of your favorite flower into the foam, arranging the stems to make a round shape. Add smaller flowers, such as baby’s breath, throughout, just below and to the sides of the other flowers to fill in space and frame your larger flowers. Flower colors can be selected on the basis of color for the appropriate season or holiday. For spring choose colors such as pink and lavender. For summer choose some yellow or blue. For autumn choose orange and brown. White is good for winter. Pick blue for Hannukah and red for Christmas. For the latter add some pine needles or cedar. When your bowl arrangement is complete place it onto your Eiffel tower. Add amaranthus to the sides of your bowl and drape it over your vase for a poetic effect.

You can do much the same thing with permanent botanicals , buy, of course, they will not need a water source. Glue styrofoam into your bowl and begin covering with permanent foliage. Add your flowers in the same way as for your fresh flowers.. Place your bowl on top of your Eiffel tower and you have your finished arrangement.

If you prefer you can fill your vase with plain water and arrange longer stems into it. The advantage of this kind of arrangement is that the stems will absorb more water all through their lengths. Some flowers that work well for this kind of arrangement include roses, lilies, and allium, all of which grow on long stems. Tangle their stems with a few stems of leather leaf to hold them in place, then place all the flowers and leather leaf into your vase at once. Remove the stems every few days and replace the water with fresh water.

Eiffel tower vases are often used at wedding receptions because the flowers can be high enough not to interfere with conversations that take place across tables. Choose the tallest Eiffel tower you can find, fill it with water, and soak spherical floral foam in water. Again, allow the foam to fill completely with water without touching it. Pave the foam all around with flowers such as Kermit poms and place your sphere onto your Eiffel tower vase. Rotate the sphere from time to time so that all the flowers are exposed to the water in the vase. For a round table use one arrangement in the center. For a rectangular table place a row of vases into a line down the center. Mirrors or runners will emphasize your arrangements and give them depth. Another way to use Eiffel tower vases in a row is to fill them with water and place curly willow or a decorative grass such as bear grass or steel grass into each one. Now bend your curly willow or grass and place the top end of each into the next vase in line, so that your line of vases will all be connected.

These are only a few things that you can do with your Eiffel tower vases. Gather your ideas and materials and make your own individual creation.