How to Create an Apothecary Jar Terrarium

apothecary jars

Below are the steps on how to create an apothecary jar terrarium:

1. First, you will need an apothecary jar. The size and shape that you use are entirely your discretion. You can also opt to use any glass containers that you have lying around at home, or you can purchase new ones at the store. Apart from apothecary jars and glass food containers, you can also use vases, mason jars, and lidded containers.

2. The next step is to create a solid foundation or base consisting of small stones. You can also experiment with sea glass if you prefer your apothecary jar terrarium to have a unique look or feature. Both sea glass and small stones can be collected in their natural environment or purchased at a store such as Walmart or Target. Layer the bottom of the apothecary jar with at least one inch of small stones or sea glass.

apothecary jar terrarium stnes

3. Since the apothecary jar is lidded, you will need activated carbon or activated charcoal to keep the formation of mildew at bay. Another tip to keep in mind to prevent mildew growth is to keep the leaves inside from touching the glass of the apothecary jar. Activated carbon can be purchased at pet stores. Distribute the charcoal across or between the small stones/sea glass.

apothecary jar terrarium soil

4. Next, put in a mix of grasses , plants and mosses along with healthy soil. Some additional items that you can put into the apothecary jar terrarium for decorative or aesthetic purposes are: petrified wood, shells, small glass bottles, figurines, and any other item that suits your taste that won’t interfere with the development of the plants, grasses, and soil.

Now is the time to hone those creative juices and have fun while you are at it. Don’t forget to water/spray your terrarium each day!