Designing Apothecary Jars for Gift Giving

Designing Apothecary Jars for Gift Giving

Apothecary jars are perfect for creating personal homespun gifts for almost every occasion. You can fill them with treats and sweets for Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, or as a unique party favor or wedding giveaway. You can put candles, potpourri, flavored teas, coffee beans, bath salts, colored soaps, herb-infused oil, cookies and even plants. But the fun doesn’t end there. The fun continues as you design these jars and make them prettier, more one-of-a-kind and good to go for gift-giving.

Ribbons and Strings

Jars with Ribbons


The easiest way to embellish these apothecary jars is to tie a pretty bow around it. Ribbons come in fancy colors and others come even in floral prints and dots and everything else in between. If you want to achieve the rustic look, use brown strings and cute tiny ropes. Use different laces and beads to make it even fancier and prettier.

Stick ‘em Up

Jars with Stickers


Making personalized stickers that look like labels is another fun way to design your apothecary jar. Pick out quirky and fun sticker labels to add more whimsical touch to your apothecary jar gift. Or choose the simple elegant type of stickers to achieve the classic look. You can also use 2D stickers and not the regular flat ones. Like cushioned letter stickers and the like.

Only One of Its Kind Tags

Jars with Tags


Gift tags don’t have to be the classic paper. It’s time to depart from the norm, and try use other materials. Like chalkboard tags – cut out small chalkboard tags and write down your message with a colored chalk. An illustration board is a great way. Tie them up with some burlap ribbons and prettify it with some fancy colored buttons or beads. Knitted and cross-stitched tags will surely bring the words “personal” and “heart-felt” more tangible.

Get Crafty

Crafty Jars

You want to make your apothecary jars really pretty but you don’t have the skill to knit and stitch? Don’t despair. Schlep to the nearest craft store and grab some ready-made crafts like bunny-shaped or heart-shaped gift tags. Add more fun factors, by putting googly eyes. Give more fun, texture and color to your tags without really breaking much of a sweat by using cute items in a craft store.

Think about the oodles of fun you’ll have and watch the excitement in the eyes of the person who will receive your pretty gift jar.

Glass-etched Jars

Etched Jars

This is really fancy and a bit expensive than the others. But if you want to give a gif that will last a lifetime, then a glass-etched apothecary jar is perfect. You can feature wonderful etched sayings on the front or some fancy art work, or their personal names and other designs. Whether you use cork lids, bell-shaped lids with pretty knobs as your jar cover, you will surely have a fancy design on your apothecary gift jar.

Feature Nature

Nature as Design

Pine cones, seashells, twigs, flowers, leaves. Nature has a lot of wonderful things that you can use to embellish your pretty apothecary gift jars. Just let those creative juices go a-flowing and have fun.

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Jars with Stickers

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Etched Jars

Nature as Design



Apothecary Jars For Decorations or Storage

apothecary jar candy bar

Why is it apothecary jars appeal so much to crafters? Perhaps it reminds us of all the pretty little odds and ends we keep here and there for our projects. Apothecaries were once what we would term pharmacists and more, keeping their herbs and concoctions handy in little jars next to the mortar and pestle. Or perhaps on display in their quaint shops, waiting for patients in need of medical advice and a remedy of fresh lavender, feverfew, or fennel.

Although vessels termed apothecary jars actually date back as far as ancient Greece, Babylon, and Egypt, the glass containers sought by today’s collectors date back no later than 15th century Europe. Many were simple glass jars designed to be used by anyone in need of storage, while others assumed a more decorative role with creative ornamentation. Some had ground-glass stoppers for keeping their contents sealed iin fresh. By the 19th century apothecary jars came in a wide variety of colors and could be labeled with their contents or what ailments they were meant to treat.
apothecary jar candy

Today’s apothecary jars are mainly ornamental, sometimes seen in pharmacies to recall their origins, or used for decorating any space where pretty shapes and colors are needed. Hobby and decorator shops sell empty apothecary jars at low prices, and decorating them yourself will give your arrangement your own unique style.

For a traditional look, arrange at least three jars of different heights and shapes. For an unfussy look, fill with colored water, colored sand, or seeds. Keep in mind where your jars will go. Use contrasting colors to make your design stand out. If you have a blue wall, for instance, try filling your apothecary jars with eye-catching yellow or orange. If your taste runs to whites and beiges, fill your jars with your favorite bright colors to make them the room’s focal point.

apothecary jar color jar

For a fun look, fill your apothecary jars with candies for a party or reception or use them as cookie jars. Materials you would use for other crafts projects can be pretty in themselves. Fill a large apothecary jar with ribbons still on their spools. Choose all the same color with different sizes and textures or different colors with the same texture. . Another jar might hold a collection of buttons of all sizes, shapes and colors, while a third jar in your arrangement might hold colorful balls of yarn. The arrangement would be perfect for your crafts room or family room. Fill with guest soaps to make your guests feel welcome.

If you like the natural look, find some interesting bark such as sycamore or birch and arrange it along with some moss. Add colorful pebbles and dried flowers and tie a bow around the outside of your jar with raffia.
apothecary jar wedding

If you live at the beach or wish you did, fill your apothecary jars with natural-colored sand (either from the beach or from a pet shop) and add shells you have found at the shore. Stand curly willow twigs up in your sand for the look of a tiny beach in a jar.

Apothecary jars lend themselves to floral arrangements, with either fresh flowers, permanent botanicals, or a combination of both. Fill a jar with water and gently push a sprig of orchids completely under the water. This simple but dramatic arrangement is always impressive as it is easy to make. Floral foam is an aid in making more complex arrangements. If you use colored, or rainbow, foam it becomes part of the design. If you use drab green foam you will need to cover it with foliage, moss, colored paper, or powdered colored foam. Soak a piece of floral foam in water until it is slightly submerged. If you are using drab green foam cut it to a size that will fit into the bottom two inches of your apothecary jar with room on all sides. Cut fresh flower stems an inch from the bottom, at a slant. Place tall stems in the center of your container and arrange shorter stems all around. Make a paste of some powdered floral foam and press it around the inside of your jar, making sure to hide all the solid foam from view. If you use permanent botanicals there is of course no need for water, so you can use Styrofoam at the bottom, taking the same care to hide it from view. Turn your lid upside down and make a similar but shorter arrangement into it, then place it, still upside down, onto the top of your jar.


Apothecary jars by their nature evoke a feeling of cuteness and tradition, but there is no reason why they cannot be used for modern decorating as well. For a dinner party place a row of cylindrical apothecary jars of the same size full of colored water down the center like a row of soldiers. This will fit in with a modern glass home. To add drama, place a long mirror or runner beneath your jars.

Apothecary jars can hold holiday decorations which you can rotate with the seasons. For thanksgiving fill your jars with fall-colored leaves. Stand little pilgrim statues next to them. For Christmas use poinsettia and pine needles with white flocking, or fill with Christmas tree ornaments, Cinnamon sticks, Christmas candy, and gingerbread people go well too, and will look nice in the same room with a gingerbread house. For Hanukah alternate blue and silver layers of glitter from top to bottom of your jars and stand next them to the menorah. Make a gift of an apothecary jar by layering various kinds of coffee or tea through an apothecary jar and tie with a gift bow. After the recipient finishes the coffee or tea he or she will have a lasting decoration. At Easter fill your apothecary jars with lavender and yellow flowers or colored eggs and stand a bunny nearby. For a Mothers’ Day gift fill an apothecary jar with potpourri or permanent rose petals. For the Fourth of July your apothecary jars can hold red, silver, and blue stars.

I hope the above ideas have inspired your imagination. Now create something uniquely your own with your apothecary jars. Go to it.

DIY: Homemade apothecary jar

The good thing about these jars is that they’re easily adaptable to any kind of decoration. You can use them in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room… awesome, right?

Before, the apothecary jars were just used by druggists to hold pharmaceuticals but nowadays you can use them to hold things like makeup, candles, flowers, candies, it depends on you and your imagination.
We’re going to show you how you can make one out of things that you probably already have at home.

Materials: Drinking cups (different sizes) and decorative rocks.



First, add some of the rocks, one layer.


Then, add a second layer with another color.



Finish it with a last layer. You can always mix the colors, add more, use just one, whatever you want.



Use it to put your makeup or pens.


If you want a taller apothecary jar just glue two cups together.


Enjoy your apothecary jar! Remember that you can adapt them to decorate any part of your house.

Practical Home Uses of Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars come in an extensive assortment of materials, textures and colors. These jars have evolved from medicine keeper to all kinds of multi-purpose uses for the home and garden. Apothecary jars are gaining popularity these days because they are practical, useful and pleasing to the eyes. Here are some ways apothecary jars are used for the home:

Eye Candy

Candy Holder

The most popular use of apothecary jars in many homes is for candy storage. Even a simple clear glass jar can look very pretty once it’s filled with all kinds of candies of different colors and shapes. They can be placed in the kitchen, or in the living room, in the bedroom or even in the home office. The candy color can match or contract with the room’s color scheme.

Cookies and Pasta Galore

Pasta Container

Cookies can stay fresh longer in apothecary jar. Whether these jars are plastic, tin, ceramic, or glass, your cookies will surely maintain its freshness in apothecary jars. Pastas in all shapes can stay fresh and yes, pretty when they’re on display.

Coffee, Tea or Me

Coffee Bean Container

Apothecary jars are perfect for storing coffee beans, tea bags, sugar, powdered creamer or milk. These are apothecary jars that come in a pretty set meant for storing these.

Spice of Life

Spice Container

Smaller versions of apothecary jars can serve as the perfect spice keeper. When they’re all lined up, these cute jars with spices of all colors will no doubt, look very pleasing in your kitchen counter.

Bathroom Essentials

Soap Container


Apothecary jars are not just great for edible items – they’re great for keeping cotton balls and cotton buds and other bathroom essentials too. You can also put some potpourri to make the bathroom smell good. Or throw in some make up brushes too. Apothecary jars with bell-shaped lids and fancy knobs can work well for this purpose.

Candle Holders

Candle Holder

Whether you make your own candles or use the ready-made candles, apothecary jars will make perfect candle holders. They’re safer and prettier than regular candle plates. You can put small candle pillars, tea lights or votives in your jars. The soft light it will emit will give the room a beautiful white glow.

Holiday Decoration Keeper

Holiday Decor Holder

Large-sized apothecary jars will make perfect holders for Christmas balls, small trees and other holiday ornaments. They are more of an ornamental décor than a keeper. They will look just right and wonderful for a table centerpiece.

Flower Vases and Tree Pots

Flower Holder

Throw in some pebbles, pour in some water, and arrange some pretty flowers. Voila, you now have a one-of-a-kind flower vase. You can also try to put some different colors of moss for a more unique looking flower arrangement. Instead of using a regular bonsai pot, try using an apothecary jar for your bonsai tree.




Bring the lovely outdoors into your home by making a terrarium in an apothecary jar. Find some rocks, charcoal, potting soil, small plants, and moss. Simply layer all of the items in the jar one at a time. Then start planting. Add more rocks, wood and moss to make it lovelier.

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Candle Holder

Holiday Decor Holder

Flower Holder



Gardening Tools To Spruce Up the Yard

gardening toolsSpring is here and soon it will be summer. Time for enjoying the garden. What tools will you need to turn your garden into a showplace that the neighbors will envy? That will depend on several things.

Let’s start and proceed from the ground up. What is your soil like? If you’re lucky your soil will be soft and easy to dig. Unfortunately that is not always the case. In some places topsoil was removed and sheepsfoot tampers used to pack down the soil before house foundations could be built. This made the houses stable, but made the soil good for nothing but patios. If, however, you are determined to have a garden, do not despair. If you are young and strong, get a hoe .If you are older or not a big fan of the gym, consider investing in a hand held battery driven cultivator. If you are dealing with a lot of land, you will need the kind of cultivator you can ride on.

To decide what to plant and/or what fertilizers and soil amenders to use you will need to measure your soil pH. Soil pH meters and test strips are available at hardware and garden shops, or you can try homemade methods that are beyond the scope of this article.

Commercial soil amenders and fertilizers are available for various soil types. If your soil is clay you will need an amender to break it up and soften it. Different plants need different types of fertilizer, and the same species can need different types of fertilizer during its life cycle, so do some research. Packages of fertilizer have numbers telling you what percent of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium they contain. For instance, 10-15-12 would contain 10 percent nitrogen, 15 percent phosphorus, and 12 percent potassium. Most plants thrive in a slightly acid pH of 6.0 to 6.5, so if your pH is below that or if you have a plant that prefers a more alkaline (higher) pH, you will need to add limestone to the soil.

If you live in a cold climate and need to plant your seeds indoors, buy some flats or small clay or plastic garden pots. Or you can save egg cartons and plant a seed or two into each compartment. A potting bench in a crafts room or service area of your house makes a good place to work. Probably the largest gardening tool in the world is the greenhouse, which is great for creating a whole environment for growing seedlings for transplant or exotics in a tropical setting.

If you intend to plant trees* and bushes you will need a large shovel.It can also be used for digging trenches for vegetables. The kind with the pointed end is good for digging into soil. Smaller digging tools are good for planting seeds,vegetables, bedding plants, and bulbs. (Some gardeners swear by bulb planters, but a small digger will do). An inexpensive ruler can be used to ascertain the right depth for planting.

To rid your garden of weeds you must eliminate their roots. Otherwise they will grow back. Larger weeds can be pulled up effectively by hand, but who wants to wait that long? To catch them early get a weeder. It has a handle at one end and a sharp, inverted point at the other for digging out those annoying weeds by their roots.

If you have a small area such as a rooftop garden, a watering can will suffice for providing moisture. For hanging plants a small watering can with a long spout will enable you to reach them. For plants on the ground, get a gallon sized watering can to keep from having to make too many trips to the spigot. For a larger area a hose will do, and has the added advantage of allowing you to attach a fertilizer sprayer. Attach a nozzle to allow you to control the size of your spray droplets. This is especially important for watering seedlings, which can be destroyed by too heavy a flow of water.

When your trees and bushes begin to thrive, you will soon need to trim them. A small pair of clippers designed to be held in one hand will work at first. As your plants grow larger, a larger hedge clippers, designed to be held with both hands, will cut larger branches and help you to maintain an even hedge.

In the autumn most trees begin to shed and you will need a rake to clean up your lawn or garden. For leaves an inexpensive rake with aluminum tines will do. If it is windy and your trees shed twigs all over the yard, consider a sturdier rake with steel tines. Which brings us to the subject of composting. Special tools are not strictly necessary, because old leaves and garbage will naturally become compost if you simply pile them into a corner, but that can appear messy when you have a dinner party out on the patio. Special composters are not only neater, but allow you to aerate your compost by turning a handle. The sides are designed with open spaces to allow air to circulate through your compost. If you do use the pile in the corner method of composting, a pitchfork can be used to aerate your compost. Get a long kitchen thermometer to measure your compost’s inner temperature.

If you have the space a garden shed is a good idea for holding all your tools. If not, they can be stored in your garage or other storage space. Small tools can be stored in a bag designed for that purpose. Gardening bags have many pockets for holding small tools and packages of seeds. They make it easy to carry things around your garden and put them back while staying organized.

So take a moment to consider what your garden will need. What kind of soil and climate are you dealing with? What do you want to grow? And where? Planning ahead will ensure that you get the tools you will need for your successful garden.

Apothecary Jars as Candle Holders

An apothecary jar can be anything you want it to be. It can be a storage jar for your coffee beans or homemade cookies, a canister for bath salts and sponges or a hurricane candle holder or a votive. Using apothecary jars as candle holders for your wedding is an excellent idea. Think about the soft candlelight it will emit during the ceremony or even during the dinner reception. Do you like what you see? Candles in apothecary jars exude a charming, romantic and peaceful vibe.

Making an apothecary jar as a candleholder is sure to delight the creative in you. You can fill the jars with other fun things alongside the candle. Here are some ideas:

Holiday Flair

Christmas Wedding Apothecary Jar Candle HoldersIf your wedding falls on a certain season, like Christmas for example, create something that will tie in the Christmas feel. Of course, candles are best items for Christmas. Thrown in some pine cones—sprayed in silver or gold. You can also spray it with your wedding color theme. Arrange it in an apothecary jar and put the candle in the middle. Add some hollies and berries if you like. If your wedding falls on a spring, throw in some colorful Easter eggs or pastel colored stones. If it’s during autumn, put in some Halloween candies before putting in the candles.

Fine Wine and Dine

Wine Glasses as Apothecary JarsWineglasses can have a different twist. Look for the less expensive kind in a dollar store. You can convert these wine glasses as apothecary jars to hold your candles. Tie a bow around it. Or some rustic rope. Throw in some sand or glass colored pebbles. Put in the candle. Light it up. And voila. You now have an elegant and easy to make candle holder.


Lamp Shades as Candle HoldersScrounge the thrift stores or your attic for old lamps or even street lamps. Refurbish them by paint them with black or white. Or make it look rustic or shabby chic depending on your wedding theme. You can also transform your old lamp fixtures into candleholders. Put in some candle sticks in varying heights inside the candle lantern.

Colors, Scents and Textures

Colored Apothecary Jars as Candle HoldersFinding colored candles is easy. But finding colored apothecary jars is another story. But consider yourself lucky to find one. Use colored candles for clear apothecary jars and use the standard candlesticks for the colored apothecary jars. Get jars and candles in different sizes and heights to add variety. You’re luckier if you find textured colored apothecary jars with lines and dimples. They add a quirky yet elegant touch to it. Using scented candles is another way to add to the whimsical feel. Just make sure it won’t make anyone get the sniffles or the itch. Colored, textured jars and scented candles are definitely appealing to the senses.

Hanging Candles

Hanging Candle JarsWhat’s better than a candle in a glass jar? A candle in a hanging glass jar. Find the McGuyver in you and make a contraption that holds a small light apothecary jar. Prettify it with colored bows and ribbons or sprigs of flowers. Light the candles up and hang the jars. Definitely whimsical and romantic.

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Wine Glasses as Apothecary Jars

Lamp Shades as Candle Holders

Hanging Candle Jars

Colored Apothecary Jars as Candle Holders


What to Put in Apothecary Jars as Wedding Favors

Vintage Wedding Apothecary JarsApothecary jars should get all the hoot and the whoop as a unique wedding favor – they’re pretty to look at, they’re functional, and practical – you can reuse them, and they’re definitely easy to fall in love with. What’s not to love about these cute apothecary jars? Depending on how you dress them up, or what you put inside them – the apothecary jars can be great wedding favors for just any kind of wedding. From rustic to formal, to classic to laid back.

Personalized Wedding Apothecary JarsIf you want to make a unique lasting impression on your guests or if you want to personalize your wedding favor that you can call them your own, get those jars and have fun filling them up. There are a lot of apothecary jars to choose from. Think about what you want to put inside and choose the appropriate kind of apothecary jar. Some have hinged lids with a silver metal air tight locking gasket – this is perfect for edible items. Some are just the regular glass candy jars with covers – they’re perfect for ornamental stuff. And other have small water spout – just right as beverage jars. So what do you put inside them? The possibilities are endless.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

What comes to mind when you see clear jars? Colorful candies and almonds and chocolate nibbles, of course. You can put pastel-colored almond wishes inside them too.

Personalized M&M's in Apothecary Jars

  • Customize M&M’s with your names – you can pick out your own color. Throw in some silver Hershey kisses. Or get the pastel-colored ones that come out during spring or the red and green ones that come out during Christmas season or the orange colored ones during autumn.
  • Try throwing in some spice – like rosemary, cumin and thyme. Perfect visual or the spice of life that comes along with marriage.

Family Special Recipe Apothecary Jars

  • You can put your homemade jams and jellies in there too. Speaking of homemade, fill them with your favorite family recipe bite-size brownie bars.
  • Or for a healthy twist, put in some organic tea leaves. Slip instructions on how to make a relaxing cup of tea. Tie a colorful bow around the jar and put small ribbon roses through the ribbons for a perfect finish.

Nuts (and Pops) About You

Nuts Container Wedding FavorFor rustic weddings, toasted nuts are fun fillings for those cute apothecary jars. Walnuts, pistachios, cashew nuts, peanuts. Mix them up for more flavor, more texture and more fun. For bigger jars, you can put in some flavored popcorns – add some dashes of color by putting in the colored popcorn.

Flower Power

Potpourri JarFresh flowers or dried potpourri flowers are perfect fill-ins for those apothecary jars. And it can also serve as a DIY floral table centerpiece that can be also double as a wedding favor.

The Forest, the Desert and the Sea

The Shore Apothecary Jars

Create your own mini forest or seashore by converting the jar into a terrarium. Put some cacti of all shapes and sizes. Pour some sand and arrange shells and small drift woods to create a mini shore.

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Vintage Wedding Apothecary Jars

Nuts Container Wedding Favor


Cylinder Vases For Simple Modern Look

cylinder vases 2

Cylinder vases offer a wide range of possibilities for the crafter. First, let’s consider how well the simple shape fits in with modern architecture and furnishings.

For a simple, modern look fill your transparent cylinder vase with acrylics or colored sand. Or make a floral arrangement with big, bold flowers of the same type, such as calla lilies, tulips, or tropicals, standing at the same height or with a slight rise in the center.Fill the vase completely with your stems so that they will stay upright.

Another modern look utilizes spherical floral foam. Soak floral foam spheres in water until they sink just low enough to be entirely covered with water. Cut your flower stems short. Remove your foam spheres from the water and place your flowers into the foam so that the whole stems are in the foam. Only flowers should show, with their lower petals flush with the foam. Continue to place your flowers all around until each ball is covered. This technique is known as pave (pah vay). Good flowers for pave include daisies and smaller poms, or roses if you want a larger ball. Place each ball over the top of a vase filled to the top with water and you have an easy-to-make, modern arrangement. Use three cylinder vases in three sizes, or place a row of vases all the same size going down the middle of a table or the back of a sideboard.

cylinder vases

If you prefer a more traditional look, you will need as many different kinds of flowers as possible.

First fill your cylinder vase with water. Bunch up some curly willow twigs and place them down into the vase. Push them to the bottom. This will serve to hold your stems in place. Next make a grid across the top of your cylinder with bowl tape. Insert foliage such as leather leaf fern* all around the inside of your vase, starting wiht a circle around the outside and working your way inward. This will help stabilize your arrangement.

Place a flower with a long, straight, preferably woody stem vertically into the center of your grid, standing up to a height of about twice to two and a half times the height of your vase. Decide how wide you want your arrangement to be. It can go to just the edge of the vase, or it can go over a little, but be careful to avoid a top heavy look. Using the same kind of flower as your first insertion, insert more flowers at different heights but at the same distance from your central flower. These flowers will act as a guide to the rest of your placements.

Place different kinds of flowers at different heights but all within the basic shape created by your first batch. Using a wide variety of flowers and colors will give your work interest and texture. In general, light colors and smaller flowers should be placed high while larger flowers and darker colors should be placed lower. Once your flowers have filled out your arrangement’s basic shape, it is time for tiny flowers such as baby’s breath or statice. Place your tiny flowers so that they fill the space between your other flowers, just beneath each one.

One mistake beginners make is to place their tiny flowers too high, throwing the whole arrangement off balance. Remember, their stems (and the rest of your flower stems) should not be visible. Now stand back and take a look. Your arrangement should have a smooth, symmetrical shape all around. If something is sticking out or forming a hole, make the appropriate adjustment.

Last, it is time for an accent, which is not required but gives a traditional look. You might want to glue a piece of ribbon or lace around your vase to break up the monotony. Or perhaps a bow would look nice. If you decide upon a bow, you probably should not use it to tie a ribbon around the cylinder, since the extra weight could pull your ribbon down. Instead, make a bow by making a collection of loops facing in opposite directions. Form the loops with your favorite hand (the right for most people) and place them together into your other hand.

Take care to make all the loops the same size.Make one smaller loop over the thumb of your nonfavorite hand. Cut off the ribbon and slip a thin corsage wire through the small loop . Bring the wire down on both sides, taking care to hold all your larger loops together. Twist the ends of the wire, but do not cut them.

Pick your favorite part of your arrangement and place your bow at the edge of the vase, anchoring it down securely by placing the wire stem down into your foliage. Another good accent is simply a small branch of curly willow or blooming fruit tree, placed in a pretty position wherever it looks prettiest. Birds and butterflies are also available and can be glued or wired in wherever you like. A word of caution, though: accent pieces are only to emphasize the beauty of the flowers, but the flowers should always be the stars of the show, so don’t go overboard with the props.

When using an opaque cylinder vase, you might want to add decoration to it to give it more texture and interest. Again, this will depend entirely upon your taste. For a modern look simply leave the simple cylinder alone.

For a more ornate look, many kinds of ornament are available. For a natural look raffia is always good.For a beach look paint your cylinder vase liberally with glue and roll it in sand. Place it out of the way and avoid touching until the glue is dry.

For a wedding use ribbons matching the bridesmaids’ dresses. If you want an exotic look, try using a curly willow stem with a y shape. Turn the y upside down and place over the edge of your cylinder vase so that the two lower parts of the y hang down over the vase. Secure with glue. This look goes particularly well with tropical or exotic flowers.

The above is only the beginning of what you can do with cylinder vases. Use your imagination and have fun.

* Leather leaf should be cleaned before use, since it tends to arrive dirty and dirt in the water will cause your flowers to die early.

Adorn Your Wedding with Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are mainly used for storage. You can store almost about anything in those nifty containers – sugar, coffee, medicine tablets, cookies… But they’re too pretty for their purpose. Over the years, apothecary jars have now morphed into pretty jars used for ornamental and decorative purposes – to prettify your home, your party or even your wedding. Those pretty little glass jars make perfect decorations for just about any type of wedding theme. And you can bet they will be the ultimate eye-candy for your wedding. Apothecary Jars Intro Photo There are different kinds of apothecary jars to choose from. Apothecary jars literally come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Their round glass stoppers and lids are uniquely pretty all on their own. You can also opt to DIY your apothecary jar – use goblets, wine glasses and drinking cups and let your imagination run and play. Here are some ideas on how you can adorn your wedding with these awesome apothecary jars:

  1. For a time-honored look, arrange about three to five glass jars of different heights and shapes. For a quirky look, fill with colored water, seeds and sand. You can use divergent colors to make your arrangement stand out. Your apothecary jars can come as a snazzy table piece, fancy decorations and even hanging jars with plants. The possibilities are endless. Can’t wait to get your hands on these pretty jars? If your creative juices are flowing, read on.Apothecary Jars Hanging Decor
  1. You can use apothecary jars for your candy buffet in your reception. It will have a double purpose – dessert bar and focal point of display. Fill them with different kinds of candies. Or you can fill one jar with one type and one color of candy. You can fill the jars with different kinds of cookies too. And cinnamon sticks and licorice. Tie some pretty colored ribbons.

Apothecary Jars Candy Holder

  1. For something with a natural and fresh look – throw in some pretty colorful flowers. Turn those jars as flower vases. Put some sand and pebbles and make a pretty flower decoration using fresh flowers and twigs. For the earthly look – you can put some moss. Add a sycamore or birch bark. Or make ti a holder of a tiny tree. Use two-toned moss as its base. For the beach look, put some sand and pebbles and pretty hand-picked shells from the shore. Try making a small beach too.

Apothecary Jars with Flowers and Fruits

  1. For something dramatic and pleasant to the eyes, fill a jar with water and put a sprig of colored orchids and submerge it in water. Or you can put rose petals or dried flowers. You can also use your lid and then make a smaller version of the arrangement or a beach look or even a terrarium – a smaller version will give the right look and balance.

Apothecary Jars Idea

  1. Finally, you can make a small nature environment like a terrarium in your apothecary jar. This is definitely classy, unique and a wonderful wedding decoration to keep for life.

Apothecary Jars Terrarium


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How to Create an Apothecary Jar Terrarium

apothecary jars

Below are the steps on how to create an apothecary jar terrarium:

1. First, you will need an apothecary jar. The size and shape that you use are entirely your discretion. You can also opt to use any glass containers that you have lying around at home, or you can purchase new ones at the store. Apart from apothecary jars and glass food containers, you can also use vases, mason jars, and lidded containers.

2. The next step is to create a solid foundation or base consisting of small stones. You can also experiment with sea glass if you prefer your apothecary jar terrarium to have a unique look or feature. Both sea glass and small stones can be collected in their natural environment or purchased at a store such as Walmart or Target. Layer the bottom of the apothecary jar with at least one inch of small stones or sea glass.

apothecary jar terrarium stnes

3. Since the apothecary jar is lidded, you will need activated carbon or activated charcoal to keep the formation of mildew at bay. Another tip to keep in mind to prevent mildew growth is to keep the leaves inside from touching the glass of the apothecary jar. Activated carbon can be purchased at pet stores. Distribute the charcoal across or between the small stones/sea glass.

apothecary jar terrarium soil

4. Next, put in a mix of grasses , plants and mosses along with healthy soil. Some additional items that you can put into the apothecary jar terrarium for decorative or aesthetic purposes are: petrified wood, shells, small glass bottles, figurines, and any other item that suits your taste that won’t interfere with the development of the plants, grasses, and soil.

Now is the time to hone those creative juices and have fun while you are at it. Don’t forget to water/spray your terrarium each day!