Apothecary Jars as Candle Holders

An apothecary jar can be anything you want it to be. It can be a storage jar for your coffee beans or homemade cookies, a canister for bath salts and sponges or a hurricane candle holder or a votive. Using apothecary jars as candle holders for your wedding is an excellent idea. Think about the soft candlelight it will emit during the ceremony or even during the dinner reception. Do you like what you see? Candles in apothecary jars exude a charming, romantic and peaceful vibe.

Making an apothecary jar as a candleholder is sure to delight the creative in you. You can fill the jars with other fun things alongside the candle. Here are some ideas:

Holiday Flair

Christmas Wedding Apothecary Jar Candle HoldersIf your wedding falls on a certain season, like Christmas for example, create something that will tie in the Christmas feel. Of course, candles are best items for Christmas. Thrown in some pine cones—sprayed in silver or gold. You can also spray it with your wedding color theme. Arrange it in an apothecary jar and put the candle in the middle. Add some hollies and berries if you like. If your wedding falls on a spring, throw in some colorful Easter eggs or pastel colored stones. If it’s during autumn, put in some Halloween candies before putting in the candles.

Fine Wine and Dine

Wine Glasses as Apothecary JarsWineglasses can have a different twist. Look for the less expensive kind in a dollar store. You can convert these wine glasses as apothecary jars to hold your candles. Tie a bow around it. Or some rustic rope. Throw in some sand or glass colored pebbles. Put in the candle. Light it up. And voila. You now have an elegant and easy to make candle holder.


Lamp Shades as Candle HoldersScrounge the thrift stores or your attic for old lamps or even street lamps. Refurbish them by paint them with black or white. Or make it look rustic or shabby chic depending on your wedding theme. You can also transform your old lamp fixtures into candleholders. Put in some candle sticks in varying heights inside the candle lantern.

Colors, Scents and Textures

Colored Apothecary Jars as Candle HoldersFinding colored candles is easy. But finding colored apothecary jars is another story. But consider yourself lucky to find one. Use colored candles for clear apothecary jars and use the standard candlesticks for the colored apothecary jars. Get jars and candles in different sizes and heights to add variety. You’re luckier if you find textured colored apothecary jars with lines and dimples. They add a quirky yet elegant touch to it. Using scented candles is another way to add to the whimsical feel. Just make sure it won’t make anyone get the sniffles or the itch. Colored, textured jars and scented candles are definitely appealing to the senses.

Hanging Candles

Hanging Candle JarsWhat’s better than a candle in a glass jar? A candle in a hanging glass jar. Find the McGuyver in you and make a contraption that holds a small light apothecary jar. Prettify it with colored bows and ribbons or sprigs of flowers. Light the candles up and hang the jars. Definitely whimsical and romantic.

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