Adorn Your Wedding with Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are mainly used for storage. You can store almost about anything in those nifty containers – sugar, coffee, medicine tablets, cookies… But they’re too pretty for their purpose. Over the years, apothecary jars have now morphed into pretty jars used for ornamental and decorative purposes – to prettify your home, your party or even your wedding. Those pretty little glass jars make perfect decorations for just about any type of wedding theme. And you can bet they will be the ultimate eye-candy for your wedding. Apothecary Jars Intro Photo There are different kinds of apothecary jars to choose from. Apothecary jars literally come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Their round glass stoppers and lids are uniquely pretty all on their own. You can also opt to DIY your apothecary jar – use goblets, wine glasses and drinking cups and let your imagination run and play. Here are some ideas on how you can adorn your wedding with these awesome apothecary jars:

  1. For a time-honored look, arrange about three to five glass jars of different heights and shapes. For a quirky look, fill with colored water, seeds and sand. You can use divergent colors to make your arrangement stand out. Your apothecary jars can come as a snazzy table piece, fancy decorations and even hanging jars with plants. The possibilities are endless. Can’t wait to get your hands on these pretty jars? If your creative juices are flowing, read on.Apothecary Jars Hanging Decor
  1. You can use apothecary jars for your candy buffet in your reception. It will have a double purpose – dessert bar and focal point of display. Fill them with different kinds of candies. Or you can fill one jar with one type and one color of candy. You can fill the jars with different kinds of cookies too. And cinnamon sticks and licorice. Tie some pretty colored ribbons.

Apothecary Jars Candy Holder

  1. For something with a natural and fresh look – throw in some pretty colorful flowers. Turn those jars as flower vases. Put some sand and pebbles and make a pretty flower decoration using fresh flowers and twigs. For the earthly look – you can put some moss. Add a sycamore or birch bark. Or make ti a holder of a tiny tree. Use two-toned moss as its base. For the beach look, put some sand and pebbles and pretty hand-picked shells from the shore. Try making a small beach too.

Apothecary Jars with Flowers and Fruits

  1. For something dramatic and pleasant to the eyes, fill a jar with water and put a sprig of colored orchids and submerge it in water. Or you can put rose petals or dried flowers. You can also use your lid and then make a smaller version of the arrangement or a beach look or even a terrarium – a smaller version will give the right look and balance.

Apothecary Jars Idea

  1. Finally, you can make a small nature environment like a terrarium in your apothecary jar. This is definitely classy, unique and a wonderful wedding decoration to keep for life.

Apothecary Jars Terrarium


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