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Crystal Vases For Engagements Weddings and Anniversaries

Crystal glass is not really crystal like quartz or gems, but comes from the Italian word “cristallo”, meaning a certain kind of imitation glass. Crystal glass today is glass containing lead, used to make the glass clearer and more sparkly than ordinary glass. In the United States crystal is defined as having at least 1 […]

Aloe Vera Plants Make Great Ornament Plants

Aloe vera plants are succulents, meaning that they have thick leaves and roots that hold in water. Their long, pointed light green leaves grow in concentric circles. Long vertical branches give rise to tubular reddish-orange flower, with several flowers growing outward horizontally from their central stem. Aloe vera plants grow only in cultivated conditions, although […]

Tall Vases Make Your Decorations Standout

Tall vases are wonderful for making a dramatic statement.What statement would you like to make? Have a hobby you would like to show off? Enjoy holidays and changing seasons? Maybe you like themed decorations that fit in with each room individually. Get ready to let your imagination and creativity take off. Ever wonder what to […]

Bamboo Plant Glass Vase

Bamboo appeals to crafters, gardeners, and environmentalists alike, so if you are any one or all of them, you are definitely in luck. Being stronger than steel, bamboo is a wonderful building material for decks, ladders, tree houses, birdhouses, and anything else you can imagine, so let your imagination go wild. Bamboo grows in warm, […]