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Wedding Origami Decorations

  Sneaking in some elements of origami to your wedding is definitely an awesome idea. Origami is unique, lovely, unforgettable very personal. It’s something your friends and family will be talking about because it’s not everyday that one gets to see handmade paper flowers, decorations, invitations and favors on a wedding. There’s something whimsical and […]

Crystal Vases For Engagements Weddings and Anniversaries

Crystal glass is not really crystal like quartz or gems, but comes from the Italian word “cristallo”, meaning a certain kind of imitation glass. Crystal glass today is glass containing lead, used to make the glass clearer and more sparkly than ordinary glass. In the United States crystal is defined as having at least 1 […]

Plants as Wedding Decoration

Think of using something different for your wedding decoration? Potted plants are the way to go. Why? Because one, they’re pretty and pleasing to the eyes. Two, they’re unique, they exude a hippie vibe and they’re a fun alternative to pricey flowers, don’t you think so? Three, they’re inexpensive and practical – they can be […]

Aloe Vera Plants Make Great Ornament Plants

Aloe vera plants are succulents, meaning that they have thick leaves and roots that hold in water. Their long, pointed light green leaves grow in concentric circles. Long vertical branches give rise to tubular reddish-orange flower, with several flowers growing outward horizontally from their central stem. Aloe vera plants grow only in cultivated conditions, although […]

Designing Apothecary Jars for Gift Giving

Designing Apothecary Jars for Gift Giving Apothecary jars are perfect for creating personal homespun gifts for almost every occasion. You can fill them with treats and sweets for Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, or as a unique party favor or wedding giveaway. You can put candles, potpourri, flavored teas, coffee beans, bath salts, colored soaps, […]

Air Plants Are Great For Decor and Easy Maintenance

Besides being easy to grow, air plants lend themselves well to indoor or outdoor decor, and can be moved without any fuss. Air plants, or tillandsia, are epiphytes, which means that in nature they grow on other plants. Fortunately they are not parasitic, so have no worries about placing your air plant onto some other […]

Practical Home Uses of Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars come in an extensive assortment of materials, textures and colors. These jars have evolved from medicine keeper to all kinds of multi-purpose uses for the home and garden. Apothecary jars are gaining popularity these days because they are practical, useful and pleasing to the eyes. Here are some ways apothecary jars are used […]